NEW CITY - A court date has been pushed back for a White Plains postal worker accused of strangling his girlfriend inside their home.

Police say Nixon Bourguignon murdered Shannon Coleman in a fit of rage earlier this month in the apartment they shared on Forest Drive in Garnerville.

Coleman had two young sons, one fathered by Bourguignon. The children were home at the time, but were unharmed.

Instead of being arraigned before a judge at Rockland County Court, Bourguignon is on his way to the New York Central Psychiatric Center in upstate New York. During the fight between him and his girlfriend, Bourguignon cut his throat and arms with a knife. It's possible those self-inflicted injuries are the reason he is being evaluated.

News 12 has learned that the psychiatric evaluation at the facility could take anywhere from three to six weeks.

Coleman was buried at the Brick Church Cemetery in Spring Valley last week.