HAVERSTRAW - Authorities searched in Woodbury today for missing murder suspect Eugene Palmer.

Police suspect that 74-year-old Eugene Palmer fatally shot his daughter-in-law Tammy Palmer in Haverstraw back in September 2012.  The 39-year-old mother of two was found shot to death in the front yard of her home.  

Some family members say Eugene Palmer never made it out of Harriman State Park after going on the lam. They believe he died in the woods from major health issues.

Authorities searched a former chemical plant today after receiving a tip that Eugene Palmer was seen on the property.  He was not found.  

A $2,500 reward is being offered by New York State Crime Stoppers for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Eugene Palmer.

His family says that what he allegedly did was wrong, but they want to find his body so they can bring the ordeal to a close.