SPRING VALLEY - A Spring Valley mother has pleaded guilty to murdering her newborn baby and then tossing his body in a dumpster.

Maria Guaman-Guaman, 24, gave birth to a baby boy in November and strangled him before dumping his body into a trash bin in Spring Valley.

The body of the infant, now known as "Baby Angel," was found later in a recycling center in Elmsford.

Prosecutors say they had to drop a second-degree murder charge against the Ecuadorian immigrant to first-degree manslaughter because two psychiatrists determined she was under "extreme emotional distress." Guaman-Guaman was also found to have a full-scale IQ score of 53. She also suffered brain damage after being kicked in the head by a horse at 7 years old.

Rockland County District Attorney Tom Zugibe says, "This case should serve as a reminder that, under New York's Safe Haven law, a parent can anonymously surrender an unwanted newborn baby to personnel in a safe place, such as a hospital, a police station or a firehouse, without repercussions.”

Guaman-Guaman faces 15 years in prison and mandatory deportation to Ecuador after serving her sentence. She will be formally sentenced on Sept. 4, 2014.