FALLSBURGH - One of seven teachers at the center of a police investigation involving heroin at a Hudson Valley elementary school is defending the group's decision not to take a urine drug test.

The teacher is also blaming police for a "botched up" investigation.

Dominick Scanna is one of seven teachers at the center of a heroin probe at Benjamin Cosor Elementary School that has sparked intense, national criticism.

The teachers were allegedly seen on police surveillance video using a staff bathroom, where authorities say an empty bag of heroin was found in February.  It was also a place where heroin and needles were allegedly found weeks before.

Police say teachers originally agreed to take urine drug tests, but then refused at the advice of their union.

On Monday, Scanna showed up to a town board meeting and blamed the police department for allegedly not having the tests ready for teachers to take.

"I would think, as a police department, you'd know if you were going to bring someone in and question them," said Scanna.  "You'd have that available. It seems common sense, but obviously common sense wasn't used during this whole process."

Union president Patricia Bertholf says teachers have since taken hair follicle tests, which she says were negative.