WOODBURY - Caesars Entertainment has shipped off 6,000 applications to Albany in a bid to build a casino in Woodbury.

About a dozen developers are in the running for up to four casino licenses to be granted in New York. The Town of Tuxedo is also making a bid for a casino resort to be built by Genting Americas around Sterling Forest.

The competition is fierce, but local officials say Caesars will come out on top.

The $750 million project would be built on a lot between Harriman Metro-North station and a former Harriman chemical plant.

Local officials are confident the state will pick the Woodbury location not only because Caesars is the number one gaming company in the world, but also because of how easy it would be for people to get there.

The majority of people in Woodbury say they support the proposal and welcome the prospect of increased revenue, jobs and a boost for local businesses.

Some residents still have reservations, citing increased traffic issues and noises in the area.

The final decision by the state about where the casinos will be built is expected sometime this fall.