Centro de Amigos, Montefiore team up to offer virtual COVID-19 courses

A Haverstraw senior center and Montefiore collaborated to offer virtual informational coronavirus courses in Spanish.
"If we can train one person per household, that’s one person that knows the truth,” says Centro de Amigos founder Doris Karpeh-Diaz. “and this way, we stop it per household.”
The virtual courses break down the details for caretakers, entirely in Spanish.
“Before the next wave hits, we need to let them know what’s flu, what’s cold, what’s allergies and what’s COVID, and what you do for each,” says Karpeh-Diaz.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the village of Haverstraw is made up of approximately 68% Hispanics.
“We were hearing that if the senior was coughing, no one wanted to care for them,” says Karpeh-Diaz. “So we said 'look, this is how it spreads, this is what you do.'”
News 12 is told about 30 people have completed the free course. The center will have more free courses with Montefiore next month.