YONKERS - Police in Yonkers are trying to sort out an apparent car robbery that allegedly took place Friday morning.

Yonkers police rushed to the Monarch in Ridge Hill condo complex at around 7 a.m. after reports of someone trying to steal a car. Cops say a tenant and the owner of a 2014 Land Rover told them an armed assailant was trying to steal his car from the garage. The victim said he was pistol-whipped before the thief drove his Land Rover toward the Sprain Brook Parkway.

However, the victim claims he saw his car back in the garage around five or six minutes later.

Yonkers police towed the Land Rover away hoping it contains some clues. They are also looking at videotape from the complex garage to figure out exactly what happened and whether it was actually an attempted robbery.

Authorities say it is undetermined whether the victim and the thief knew each other. One tenant who did not want to go on camera told News 12 that someone has slashed cars in the complex before.

Other tenants say the garage is generally quiet, but there are no procedures in place to prevent intruders.

Management from Monarch did not want to comment on the incident.