SPRING VALLEY - Spring Valley's "Camp Best" is finally underway after weeks of delays because of a political battle within village government.

Camp Director Sonia Barton was at the center of the controversy, which caused the camp to lose precious weeks of activities. She had been suspended by Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme. When village trustees ordered the mayor to have Barton run the camp, he refused.

That led to a legal battle that eventually ended with the mayor spending four nights in the Rockland County Jail for contempt of court. He was freed after agreeing to follow the trustees' directive.

Barton says she's just concentrating on making sure the 65 youngsters in the camp have a good experience. "Whatever the issues were, I just want to move beyond that and get all the kids started on a great program and have the rest of the summer a much fun-filled summer," she says.

Normally, the camp would run for six to eight weeks. This year, because of the delay, it will only last three weeks. Barton says they will make camp as meaningful as possible for the campers.

There are currently 65 youngsters in the camp, and News 12 has been told anyone else who would like to take part in the camp will be placed on a waiting list.