SPRING VALLEY - A controversy is brewing in Spring Valley tonight about plows being pulled off the roads to give workers a break during Tuesday's snowstorm.

Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme defended his decision to pull plows off the road Tuesday afternoon so workers could have a break..

"You can't keep people working 30 hours straight. This is the time sheet right here. You can't keep them working without a break. That's union rules," says Delhomme.

County Executive Ed Day says the situation in Spring Valley was brought to his attention by the head of County Emergency Services. The group, along with officials from the Town of Ramapo, say they were worried about drivers safely maneuvering around the village's streets.

The mayor says he asked that the workers be given a three-hour break, but they only took an hour. He also said that they didn't all go at the same time.

However, the mayor would not say how many plows were cleaning the pavement at a time, saying it was privileged information.