ORANGEBURG - A coyote that threatened an Orangeburg neighborhood this morning is dead but not before it attacked a woman walking her dog.

Marylou Gardner tells News 12 that she was walking her dog Jasmine on Greywood Drive where she lives just before 7 a.m. when she saw the coyote out of the corner of her eye. She started banging on a neighbor's door to be let in when the animal lunged, scratching her on the arm and biting her on the back of her thigh.

When the coyote went after Jasmine, Gardner started fighting back. "I think it's just the adrenaline. I just wanted to make sure my dog was OK, you know? I wasn't worried about myself. I felt that I could handle myself. I was just worried about my dog," says Gardner.

A neighbor came out and spooked the animal with some loud banging. Arriving police officers then cornered the coyote and shot it to death.

Gardner was treated at Nyack Hospital, getting some antibiotics and a tetanus shot. The coyote will be tested for rabies.