WHITE PLAINS - A White Plains restaurant is sharing its story after it fell victim to a scammer claiming to be a Con Edison representative.

The business manager of the Original Pancake House on Hamilton Avenue says someone called the restaurant Thursday morning, claiming to be from Con Ed. The voice on the other end threatened to shut off the restaurant's electricity if an immediate payment was not made.

The manager was instructed to make the payment over the phone by purchasing a Green Dot MoneyPak card from a drugstore. After the manager called back and gave them the number on the card, the scammer got away with more than $2,000.

Con Ed is warning customers that it does not authorize payments of electric or gas bills by prepaid debit cards, such as the Green Dot MoneyPak card. Customers are also advised to not rely on caller ID for verification, as some scammers have their phone number programmed to show up as Con Edison.