YONKERS - Westchester Democrats introduced a resolution Monday night to try and oust Republican County Executive Rob Astorino from office.

The Democrats want to call a special election to replace Astorino, claiming he's spending too much time campaigning for governor. Republicans say even if the resolution passes, the party has no legal authority to kick Astorino out.

Bernice Spreckman, the longest-serving Republican on the county board, says she thinks the move will backfire on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democrats, especially if Hillary Clinton decides not to run for president.

"If Hillary doesn't run, Cuomo would love to run," said Spreckman. "He'd be out there campaigning and I don't blame him."

The resolution for the special election is now in committee. It's unclear if the Democrats have enough votes to bring it to the floor for a vote.

Astorino's camp is referring to this proposed resolution as political nonsense.

The county executive is slated to officially become the GOP nominee at next week's Republican convention.