YONKERS - Yonkers police are searching for information on the 25 cats found dead in garbage bags hanging from trees on Overlook Terrace.

Detectives have been interviewing neighbors to see if anyone heard or saw anything suspicious.

Department of Public Works employees made the discovery in a wooded area last Thursday. Police say the cats had suffered blunt force trauma.

SPCA detectives say they have been getting tips about the incident but would not go into details. They have been working in conjunction with Yonkers police.

Officials say some of the cats had been in the bags for a long time. Others were recently killed. Authorities believe the animal killings had been going on for up to a year.   

Investigators say they found a baseball bat, two shovels and a metal pipe at the scene, but it is unclear whether the items were used in the killings.

No arrests have been made.