SCARSDALE - A family in Scarsdale was woken up in the middle of the night by their dogs and found one of their cars on fire in their driveway.

Scarsdale firefighters rushed to a house at 59 Crane Road early this morning after receiving a 911 call from the people living there.

According to fire officials, a MINI Cooper parked in the driveway right next to the house caught on fire.

The car was engulfed in flames, but crews worked quickly to keep the fire from spreading. About 25 firefighters worked the scene and were able to get the fire knocked down in about 15 minutes. "The house received moderate damage from the fire but only on the exterior. The fire did not enter the house at all, but the car was completely destroyed," says Capt. Daniel Purcell.

Investigators say that while there are working smoke detectors in the house, smoke had not reached the inside, but luckily the homeowners’ dogs let them know there was a problem outside. "The residents were alerted by their barking dogs. The homeowner thought it was an intruder and when he went to investigate, he saw that the car was engulfed in his driveway," says Purcell.

Fire officials say the damage to the outside of the house is basically heat damage.

No word on what caused the car to catch fire, but investigators say the cause is not suspicious.