TAPPAN - Drivers in the Hudson Valley are weighing in on New Jersey's George Washington Bridge scandal and while some are willing to give Gov. Chris Christie the benefit of the doubt, others aren't being as merciful.

"I think he should be fired himself, because he's not doing any good for anybody down there," says New City resident Bill Metzner, who's a daily commuter on the George Washington Bridge.

Revelations surfaced this week that Christie's administration may have deliberately closed lanes on the bridge, causing major traffic jams to exact political revenge on a mayor who didn't endorse Christie for governor. Christie denied knowing anything about the closures and fired a top aide, claiming she lied to him about it.

Metzner says what made the traffic jams especially horrible was how it inconvenienced workers, himself included. Metzner says he missed a day of work over the traffic because he wasn't able to get there.

Others say they're willing to give Christie the benefit of the doubt, with one driver saying all the allegations are hearsay.