YONKERS - A man who pleaded guilty in a fatal drunken driving crash was sentenced today at the Westchester County Courthouse.

Mario Garcia-Sura, 49, was sentenced to five to 15 years behind bars for manslaughter and DWI. The Yonkers man was driving with a passenger on Riverdale Avenue in Yonkers when he struck Sreeraj Chandran's car. Chandran, also of Yonkers, was brought to St. Joseph's Medical Center, but was later pronounced dead.

During sentencing, Mario Garcia-Sura apologized for his actions. The passenger in his car was also hurt in the crash.

Chandran's friends tell News 12 that they wish the sentence was harsher. "It's very depressing and sad that such a young person had to go so soon due to the hands of someone that's irresponsible. A lot of teens die due to this and I feel like it should be taken more seriously," says friend Justin Lopez.

Chandran's mother donated many of her son's organs so that others could have a better life. "His eyes were given to two different people and they're seeing the world with his eyes and I'm glad they are seeing the world," says Jaya Radha.

Chandran attended Westchester Community College and wanted to be a software engineer.