FAIRVIEW - Adding to the firestorm of outrage over the Fairview fire chief is news that District Chair Vicki Simmons is appointing her own son to be the next deputy chief.

Simmons declared back in April that her son was not a candidate for the position after being confronted by angry residents about his possible candidacy. Residents and Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner had argued the position was unnecessary because it would cost taxpayers six figures.

The fire district board previously voted not to fill the position of deputy chief, but Feiner says Simmons is going now back on her word. The board had initially voted to promote from within the department if and when Fire Chief Anthony LoGuidice retires, which Feiner says could happen as early as this coming week.

The board has already selected the chief's replacement, but it also voted to install Eryke Simmons as deputy chief. Feiner says he is questioning the appointment process.

Chief LoGiudice's retirement would be coming on the heels of anti-Semitic remarks he made about Feiner, who is Jewish. Earlier this year a retired firefighter came forward and spoke with News 12 about the hateful comments, and LoGuidice later apologized.

Attempts by News 12 to reach Simmons and the board of fire commissioners were unsuccessful. As for LoGiudice, he says he had been planning to retire since last year.