NYACK - Families of the Tragedy on the Hudson victims have blamed poor lighting on the barge for the crash, not Jojo John, who pleaded guilty today in the crash.

Jojo John, 36, of Nyack, pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular manslaughter in the second degree in the deaths of bride-to-be Lindsey Stewart, 30, of Piermont, and her fiance's best man, Mark Lennon, 30, of Pearl River. The plea deal carries one year behind bars for each count and the years are to be served consecutively in local jail.

The victim's families say John's lenient sentence is because the Rockland County DA has evidence that proves the barge company owners are at fault.

The families are suing the barge operators.

William Arronwald, who represents surviving victim Brian Bond, says John's recent plea does not negate the barge owners' negligence.