YONKERS - Heavy rains flooded the entire parking lot and garage area of a Yonkers apartment building today, but residents say that's nothing new.

Resident Robert Ansbro says this happens at 191 Park Ave. so often that you can see rust underneath the metal leading upstairs. He says he has to prepare his apartment for potential disasters each time there is inclement weather.

Ansbro, 59, is suffering from emphysema and has several other health problems. He says the leaks got so bad in his bedroom that mold started to form inside the closet.

Since Ansbro suffers from respiratory illnesses, he had his doctors intervene, but he says still nothing was done. He has called his apartment home for 30 years now and says he'd really like to see a change the next time a storm comes rolling in.

"I hope that it's fixed properly so I could just live out the next couple of years of my life, just a little peacefully," said Ansbro.