GREENBURGH - Greenburgh School Superintendent Ronald Ross has been reassigned pending a hearing on disciplinary charges filed against him.

The suspension comes after Ross was slapped with a harassment lawsuit by teachers who claim he's making it unbearable to work there. Eight employees, including the Woodlands High School principal and the director of human resources, claim Ross created a hostile work environment. They said he called black employees "Uncle Toms" and "Oreos," and white employees "devils." He also allegedly made inappropriate comments toward women, Muslims and Jewish people.

The lawsuit also contends Ross was against holding an intercultural luncheon.

Ross is not the only school official facing legal action. All but two of Greenburgh’s school board members learned at a budget meeting Tuesday night that they were also named in a lawsuit alongside Ross. The suit claims that the members knew about Ross’ alleged behavior but chose to cover it up. School Board President Lloyd Newland was among those named in the lawsuit. He had no comment for News 12.

The board filed disciplinary charges against Ross in March, but then suspended those charges without explanation.

The decision to reassign Ross was made Monday night during a special board meeting.

Ross claims the allegations are completely untrue.

"I will rigorously defend my reputation, which has really been defamed and slandered by the action of these plaintiffs," said Ross.

Attorney Jonathan Lovett is representing the employees suing Ross. He says this lawsuit is just the beginning, and that possibly even school board members may come forward with allegations.

The reassignment is effective immediately. Ross has served as superintendent since 2012 and was the Woodlands High School principal for three years. Prior to that, he was superintendent in Mount Vernon.