MOUNT VERNON - A Mount Vernon school was closed today after reports of a gas leak.

Hamilton Elementary School decided to close as a precaution after Con Edison discovered a minor gas leak while conducting a routine meter reading outside the building at around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday. The school decided to dismiss school early yesterday as a result.

A Mount Vernon school district spokesperson says the school is working with Con Edison to fix the problem.

"According to the head of School Facilities, Con Ed claimed these leaks were harmless and did not pose a health threat," said the spokesperson. "However, with student safety being of priority concern, the district decided to exercise every precaution and close."

A spokesperson for Con Edison says they turned off the gas for safety reasons and they will perform an integrity test and then safely reintroduce gas service to the property.

Before the school can reopen on Monday, both Mount Vernon and Con Edison have to give the OK that all leaks have been repaired.