NYACK - A judge has ruled that an indictment will stand in court for the man charged in the fatal 2013 Hudson River boating tragedy.

JoJo John is charged with criminally negligent homicide and vehicular manslaughter for allegedly driving his boat while under the influence last year and crashing it into a barge in the Hudson River. The crash killed a Rockland bride-to-be and her groom's best man.

Judge William Kelley also ruled the blood and urine samples taken from John at Nyack Hospital on the night of the deadly crash can be introduced as evidence. He refuted the defense’s claim that the evidence violated physician-patient privilege.

Additionally, Kelley ruled the prosecution was not at fault for leaving key evidence, including three solar lights found on the barge that night, with the bridge builders instead of keeping them in their offices.

A number of key issues have yet to be decided.  At the top of the list is whether the incriminating statements that John allegedly made the night of the crash will be admissible. John allegedly told a responding officer that he was drinking and that the crash was his fault.

John's attorneys also want to suppress evidence related to the beer bottles and beer cans found on John's boat.

John is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. It is expected that a judge will set a date for the pretrial hearing.