YONKERS - A jury in White Plains convicted a cross-dressing killer from Yonkers today.

Ronnell Jones was on trial for a deadly double-shooting in Yonkers. Jones was convicted on charges of second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder.

Police say Jones and two others opened fire inside an apartment at the Cromwell Towers on Locust Hill Avenue in 2010, killing Kasheem Little, a notorious gang leader, and Carlton McLeod. Four others, including a 5-year-old boy, were also injured in the shootout.

Prosecutors say their intent was to rob the occupants of the apartment of what they thought was a considerable amount of money located there. They say Jones wore a wig and women's clothing to help him elude police. Jones was eventually arrested in Chicago after a traffic stop.

Jones faces 150 years to life in state prison. Sentencing will be on July 29.

Jones' accomplices in the murders, Daniel Sanchez and Brian Roach, are serving prison terms after pleading guilty to murder and attempted murder.