YONKERS - As the Israel-Gaza crisis intensifies, people in the Hudson Valley with ties and interests in the region are praying the conflict will end soon.

At the Chabad of Yonkers on Broadway, many from the local Jewish community enjoyed the weekend with a barbecue. But the conflict was still on the minds of many who prayed and practiced traditions for peace in Israel.

Both forces exchanged air fire Sunday after a one-day ceasefire deal. The death toll has climbed over 1,000.

Brent Delman's son is in the Israeli military. He says two of his son's friends have been killed in the last week.

Others at Saint Mary's Baptist Church echoed the pleas for peace from the Palestinian side. Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Twal Fouad encouraged local Arab-Americans to lean on their faith.

President Barack Obama on Sunday urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reach a truce. In the meantime, both sides wait for their prayers to be answered.