THE BRONX - Metro-North is announcing a sweeping new series of safety reforms more than five months after a crash killed four people in the Bronx, three of them from the Hudson Valley.

In the December accident, a Hudson Line train derailed at Spuyten Duyvil.

Federal officials issued their own safety report in the weeks following the crash. Now, the MTA says it is implementing 27 safety initiatives, following a comprehensive 60-day safety assessment.

Metro-North reduced the maximum operating speeds on all its lines. The railroad is outfitting two-thirds of its rail cars with "alerters" to make sure engineers are responsive while operating a train. And 8,000 Metro-North employees will be required to take part in quarterly "Safety Stand-Downs" to discuss on-site safety protocols.

Metro-North says it already has implemented 14 of the 27 planned safety reforms.