GARRISON - Service on Metro-North's Hudson line was back to normal Sunday after a rock slide damaged the track between Peekskill and Garrison a day earlier, stranding hundreds of riders for hours.

The incident happened at around 4:30 p.m. Saturday. The rock slide was caused by work on a retaining wall next to the tracks.

Metro-North says its Hudson line trains were alerted in advance about the situation, and were halted before they traveled through the area. No one was hurt, but service was disrupted as crews woked to repair the tracks.

Frustrated commuters told News 12 they had to wait hours for crowded buses. An estimated 600 people were stranded at two stations during the outage, and just seven buses were available.

Fire Chief Bill Rimm says about 30 firefighters, EMS workers and MTA employees responded to the scene. Crews handed out water bottles to the people who were stuck at the train station in the summer heat.

The railroad restored service at around midnight.