GREENBURGH - Greenbugh police say a new tip didn't lead to any developments in their search for a teen who went missing in 1981.

Martin Crumblish Jr., then 17, was last seen leaving a party with friends in Dobbs Ferry back in 1981. A woman living in another part of the country recently saw a report on the cold case and contacted Greenburgh police. The woman told police she remembered seeing a hole in the woods next to Saw Mill River Road in Greenburgh around the same time Crumblish was reported missing.

The tip led police to excavate a site about 30 yards off Saw Mill River Road and north of Dobbs Ferry Road. They spent all day Thursday digging, hoping to find something, but nothing was found in the location.

Anyone with information on Crumblish's 1981 disappearance is asked to contact police.