WARWICK - A woman has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and confining animals in a vehicle in extreme temperature after two dogs allegedly died in her care.

Police say Nancy Evans, 67, of Warwick, was dog-sitting, and left two dogs, named Cody and Lola, in her car outside her apartment on July 21 when temperatures soared into the 80s.

Neighbor Margaret Mitchell said she tried to warn Evans about the dangers of leaving dogs unattended in a hot car, but her efforts were fruitless.

Mitchell also says Evans was running a pet-sitting service out of her home, which is prohibited in the complex.

Neighbor Ellen Einhorn calls the incident an unfortunate accident.

"She's in a lot of pain from this," she says. "I guess people think she's not caring. She's been taking care of dogs. This is her livelihood."

Sandra Stevenson, Lola and Cody's owner, said she is not pressing charges against Evans.

She told News 12 by phone that Evans had taken really good care of the dogs, and that's what made the incident really sad.