PELHAM - A new lead claims missing Pelham man Harry Devert was killed by a drug cartel in Mexico.

Family and friends say even though there is no proof in the lead, the news is devastating. They are holding out hope Devert will still be found safe.

Family friend Jackie Burrell says she got the update on the website Help Find Harry that loved ones set up. The lead claims a banner in the Mexican town of La Union claims El Tigre, a well-known drug cartel, is responsible for Devert's death.

Devert, a well-known traveler, left on a solo motorcycle tour of Central and South America back in December, hoping to reach Brazil in time for the World Cup. He was last heard from on Jan. 25, when he sent a text message to his girlfriend, saying he would be getting a military escort through a dangerous area.

Devert's mother is now in Mexico, working with local authorities to try and find any information about her son's disappearance. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico is also investigating and relaying information to the State Department and FBI.