SPARROWBUSH - An Orange County man is facing murder charges for allegedly shooting a wanted rape suspect.

Authorities say David Carlson, 42, of Sparrowbush, shot Norris Acosta-Sanchez, 35, this past Friday near his home at 115 Old Plank Road. Acosta-Sanchez had been on the run from police since July after reportedly raping a child.

The suspect had apparently set up camp in the woods near Carlson's home, where he was doing odd jobs for cash. A source says Carlson tipped off police to the fugitive's whereabouts after Acosta-Sanchez admitted to Carlson that he was on the run.

State police say Carlson told Acosta-Sanchez he was going to take him to a neighbor's house and call police, but opened fire instead.

Carlson is being held at Orange County Jail.