GOSHEN - An Orange County woman accused of mowing down a man and leaving him for dead faced her victim's family in court today.

Linda Ibrahim, 28, from Cornwall, pleaded not guilty to vehicular manslaughter in Orange County Court in Goshen. She's accused of fatally hitting 32-year-old Eric Geter last month as he walked along Walsh Road in New Windsor.

Police say Ibrahim struck Jeter so hard his body flew into a nearby creek. Ibrahim was arrested in connection with Jeter's death a week after the alleged crime. According to court documents, police believe she may have been drunk when the crash occured.

Jeter's family was in court for Ibrahim's arraignment. "When we're sitting up there she's twirling her hair, playing with her phone, smiling as if nothing happened. My brother's not here. I don't even have nothing else to say," says Jeter's brother Gaylord.