SUFFERN - A woman who survived the Holocaust is sharing her story to make sure no one ever forgets what happened.

Sonia Goldstein, of Suffern, spoke to students at Rockland Community College Tuesday as part of their first person testimony project.

Goldstein was a teenager when the Germans took over her town of Vilna in Poland, where 75,000 Jews lived. Her family, along with many others, was forced into a ghetto and then taken away to concentration camps for extermination. Many that survived were sent on death marches as allied troops closed in. Goldstein and her mother were liberated by the Russians.

"Somebody told us they have a list with people who were liberated in Germany," said Goldstein. "My maiden name is Aronowitz with an 'A.' And here I saw Aronowitz, Hirsh, Aronowitz, Jacob. That was my father and brother."

Goldstein and her family were able to emigrate to the U.S. in 1949. She receives a stipend from the German government as part of their efforts to atone for the Holocaust.

A student asked Goldstein whether she dreams about her experiences. Goldstein's answer was "every night."