KIRYAS JOEL - Fraud allegations in the Ultra-Orthodox community of Kiryas Joel are continuing one day after IRS agents were seen at two properties in the area.

According to Bhadrey Haradim and YJ News, the FBI is allegedly investigating Kiryas Joel's Grand Rabbi, Aaron Teitelbaum, over allegations of voter fraud.

News 12 was told an appointment was needed to speak to Teitelbaum, but a woman claiming to be his wife says she doesn't know anything about an investigation.

The allegations against Teitelbaum come only a day after IRS agents swarmed two properties following the arrest of a 76-year-old Hassidic real-estate broker, Shloime Torim. Torim is accused of fraud.

Torim's indictment has no mention of Teitelbaum, and federal officials have made no mention of an investigation involving Teitelbaum.