MONROE - The Monroe neighbors of a mother of four are stunned tonight following allegations that she has been running an exclusive prostitution ring in Manhattan for about 15 years.

Anna Gristina, 44, has been charged with arranging sexual encounters for wealthy male clients in an apartment on the Upper East Side. She entered a not guilty plea, and her bond was set at $2 million.

In Monroe, Gristina lives in a house on a private road, and neighbors say they do not know her well.

Just over the border, in Chester, Gristina appears to own a huge piece of property that is listed as a business called Sullivan Acquisitions. Like her property in Monroe, it is also off limits to strangers.

Gristina's ex-husband, Dario Gristina, is currently running for state Assembly from Putnam County. According to his spokesperson, Dario Gristina is extremely upset about what happened, and he had no idea about the allegations.