NEW YORK - An Orange County mother of four pleaded not guilty today to charges of running a multimillion-dollar prostitution ring in New York City.

Anna Gristina, 44, is accused of arranging trysts for powerful, wealthy men from around the world over the past 15 years, many in an apartment on East 78th Street in Manhattan.

According to the prosecution, Gristina even offered her clients underage escorts. The district attorney claims to have amassed strong evidence against the mother of four during a five-year investigation, including hours of video from hidden cameras showing call girls engaging in sexual activities.

Reports state that Gritsina's client list was filled with politicians, Fortune 500 businessmen, and even top members of law enforcement.

Prosecutors claim that at one point, Gristina was heard bragging about her police connections and saying that they even looked out for her during the prostitution scandal that brought down former Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

During today's court appearance, Gristina's attorneys asked the judge to reduce her $2 million bond, but the judge refused because the 44-year-old is considered a flight risk.