MONROE - The newly elected Monroe Town Supervisor Harley Doles sat down with News 12 Hudson Valley to break his silence on the controversial land deal with the village of Kiryas Joel. 

Doles has been criticized by some residents as favoring the village because he was elected in by the Hassidic block vote. At his first town board meeting, he proposed splitting Kiryas Joel from the town, while the village put in a request to annex more than 500 acres of land from Monroe.

A group of town members, called United Monroe, claim there's a conspiracy, but Doles denies promising anything for the block vote. 

"I have laws that have to be followed," says Doles. "If we break the law for anyone, we are breaking the law." Doles says he's also been subject to harassment and threats from his opponents.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is currently reviewing the proposed land deal.