MONROE - The Monroe Town supervisor claims that criticism against him has turned into death threats and vandalism.

Monroe residents, including the group United Monroe, have alleged that Supervisor Harley Doles is showing favoritism toward the Kiryas Joel community.

Doles denies the allegations and says the criticism has turned into death threats. He also alleges that on Friday, one day after a sit-down interview with News 12, someone threw rocks at his car.

The controversy stems over plans for the Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel to annex more than 500 acres of town land.

Doles has been criticized by some residents as favoring the village because he was elected by the Hasidic community's block vote. At his first town board meeting, he proposed splitting Kiryas Joel from the town, while the village put in a request to annex the land from Monroe.

Emily Convers, head of United Monroe, believes Doles damaged the car himself.

"His claims of death threats, he's been using that line for years," she says. "We've all heard his rhetoric before; his nonsense, rather."

The land deal is currently being reviewed by the Department of Environmental Conservation.