GOSHEN - Opponents are pushing back against Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus' budget proposals, which include the privatization of Valley View nursing home.

The local union president representing Valley View workers disagrees with the privatization. He says they can negotiate a contract with the county that will benefit both sides.

"Everybody is on edge. The residents are scared, they don't know what's going to happen, they don't know what's going on," says nursing assistant Amie-Beth Morran. "We have so many residents and this has been their home for so long. The employees there are their family."

During his State of the County address, Neuhaus said the county is facing a $60 million budget gap, along with the smallest reserve fund balance in 30 years.

Neuhaus says that there could still be county layoffs even if Valley View was privatized.  

The Legislature's Democratic minority leader says the county executive's deficit numbers are exaggerated.

The Legislature could vote on a transfer of Valley View as soon as April 4.