MONROE - A former movie theater owned by the Town of Monroe is opening its doors to be used as a public bathroom facility, and some locals are not happy about it.

The town board passed a resolution Friday to spend nearly $3,000 a month on security to open the old Monroe 6 theater building as a town bathroom facility.

The public is upset by the ordeal, claiming that public input was disregarded when the town bought the building. The grassroots group United Monroe is suing the town, alleging that it illegally purchased the building.

The town says it is not legally required to give public input regarding real estate. It also says that the bathrooms will be useful despite the cost.

Village of Monroe Mayor James Purcell also says opening the public bathroom will violate village code.

Town officials showed court approval of the bathrooms to News 12, but critics maintain that the plan wastes taxpayer money.

Town officials say the bathrooms at the former theater will be made available on a 30-day trial basis.