WEST NYACK - The Super Bowl is bringing thousands of people to the region this week ahead of Sunday's game and police say they will be out in force to crack down on sex trafficking.

Police say the demand for prostitution always rises whenever a large amount of people will be in town for a big event.  They say many sex workers brought into the area are treated as sex slaves. Even though the game is in New Jersey, many people are staying in the Hudson Valley, and police will be on the lookout all weekend throughout the region.

Rockland County District Attorney Tom Zugibe says a study found that 10,000 sex workers were brought in for the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami, and most were young or runaways.

Social worker Kiera Pollack of the Center for Safety and Change says she hopes to raise awareness about sex trafficking because the perpetrators are clever at hiding it and too often victims are too afraid to seek help. Pollack says she wants people to know how to identify it and report it.