SPRING VALLEY - A judge has sided with Spring Valley village trustees in their dispute with the mayor over a village-funded summer camp.

Village trustees say Mayor Demeza Delhomme created an impediment to stop the summer camp from taking place. It was supposed to have started already at the Louis Kurtz Civic Center, but Trustee Vilair Fonvil says Delhomme locked the doors and suspended Sonia Barton, the camp's director.

The trustees passed a resolution, ordering Delhomme to restore the camp. When he ignored it, they took him to court. Delhomme initially failed to show up to court Thursday, prompting the judge to briefly issue an arrest warrant.

Delhomme claims only 23 children signed up for the camp and at least 70 are needed to make it profitable. He also says Barton did not pick staff that are state certified, a claim the trustees deny.