SPRING VALLEY - A battle over a day camp in Spring Valley could be heading back to court.

Trustees in the village claim Mayor Demeza Delhomme was ordered by a judge to open the doors to the camp at Kurtz Civic Center today, but say he is still standing in the way. According to Trustee Vilair Fonvil, Delhomme only opened the building and a few rooms inside.

Fonvil says by 10 a.m., at least 15 children had been signed up for the camp, but the director's office where forms and other camp materials are kept remained locked. After News 12 contacted the mayor by phone to ask what was happening with the camp, he began yelling and swearing, saying the doors were open.

He then reportedly went to the Kurtz Civic Center, where he confronted Fonvil and repeated that the doors were open, but that there was no qualified staff to run the camp.

Fonvil says as far as he's concerned, the mayor is violating the judge's order.