WALDEN - Four seniors from Valley Central High School now have the opportunity of a lifetime after a story about their Kiss costumes went viral on social media.

For Celebrity Day at Valley Central, Derek Chomyn and his friends decided to dress up as the 70s glam rock band and came to school dressed as Kiss, complete with wigs and face paint. They say their costumes were a big hit with teachers and fellow students, but they were sent home to change. The superintendent says for safety reasons, students are not allowed to wear face paint and wigs to school because it hides their identities.

The story didn't end there, as a friend's mother tweeted the story to Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. Simmons retweeted the story and soon enough, Chomyn and his friends were getting contacted by the media for interviews.

Chomyn and his friends have also been invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Manhattan next month, as Kiss is being inducted this year. Chomyn says they hope to meet the band themselves.