SPRING VALLEY - A 10-year-old boy was nearly electrocuted at a Rockland yeshiva.

Police say a jolt of electricity shot up the sixth-grader's arm at the Yeshiva Tzion Yosef on Widman Court Wednesday afternoon after he plugged a hot glue gun into a socket. School administrator Abraham Schmidt says the student was using the glue gun as part of an arts-and-crafts class.

The boy was rushed to Westchester Medical Center with minor burns and an increased heart rate, but he is expected to be OK. The yeshiva is open, but the classroom where the incident happened will remain closed until an electrician can determine that there are no problems with the wiring.

The Spring Valley building inspector says the school is up to code, but Schmidt says there is something wrong with the fuse box.

Yeshiva officials say the student will likely take several days off to rest. They are not releasing his name because he is a minor.