SPRING VALLEY - The Finkelstein Memorial Library in Spring Valley remained closed Thursday following a crash into the building by an SUV Tuesday evening.

Jean Lycee, 58, says some type of mechanical trouble sent his SUV crashing into the library.

Surveillance video shows the black SUV crashing through the front door and into two concrete pillars that are designed to stop a vehicle. The SUV then demolishes the circulation desk.

A 15-year-old girl who was in the library at the time of the crash was pinned under the tires. She was rescued and taken to the hospital, and has since been released. A woman who was also in the library at the time is still recuperating.

No charges have been filed against Lycee, and there is no word on when the library will reopen. Some residents say they are skeptical of Lycee's explanation as to what caused the accident.

The Spring Valley building inspector told News 12 that he plans to file paperwork to install a third barrier that will hopefully prevent another accident.