NEWBURGH - Police say a money dispute is what led a woman to attack two people, killing one, before taking her own life.

Police say Rebecca Winters, 36, became acquaintances with 61-year-old Bruce Montanya and his roommate, 78-year-old Bertha Williams, about a year ago. She allegedly visited their trailer Saturday evening to discuss borrowing money.

Police say Montanya gave Winters a small amount of money, but then she picked up a knife and started stabbing him. Williams tried to intervene, but police say Winters stabbed her as well. Williams ran out of the trailer and was found dead on the front steps of their neighbor's house. Montanya also fled and was found on the side of the road by a motorists. He was taken to Westchester Medical Center.

Winters was found dead inside the trailer by police. They believe she shot herself with Montanya's shotgun.