PORT CHESTER - Port Chester High School marching band members say that their golf cart has been stolen.

The golf cart is used by the band to transport their heavier equipment. It is usually parked in the Port Chester Middle School's parking lot, where the band practices.

Members say that sometime between last Thursday and Friday, the cart was stolen.

The golf cart is parked next to other band trucks underneath a zipped cover. One parent says that someone would have had to use a truck and a tow hitch to pull the golf cart out.

At first, band members thought it might be part of a senior prank done by a school rival, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Parents say that they filed a police report on Friday and they hope to access the school's security cameras to see if the culprit was caught on tape.

The $5,000 golf cart was purchased last year with money raised by the band.