NEW ROCHELLE - The Beatles' song about "Rocky Raccoon" checking into his room has become all too real for a New Rochelle family.

Melanie Lujans says her family began hearing noises in the walls of their May Street apartment early this week. "Three days ago we found out. It was making scratching noises and we called the super and he was like, 'No, you guys are crazy.'"

The Lujans, who live in a ground-floor apartment, called in a pest control company.

Matt DeFabio, a nuisance wildlife control operator, found the raccoon had fled to another part of the building so the only thing he could do was set up some traps. "There's a pipe running into the basement from a second basement that it's using to get in and out. We got a cage set in the kitchen and a cage in the basement."

Even with the trap set up, he says it could take several days to capture the animal. DeFabio says at this time of year it could be a nursing mother, in which case, they also need to find its babies.

DeFabio cautions that rabies is common among raccoons, so if you have a problem, you should call on the experts.