NEW ROCHELLE - Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, of New Rochelle, received a two-game suspension to start the NFL season after a fighting incident with his wife.

The case against Rice started when video surfaced of him dragging his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, out of an Atlantic City casino elevator.

Rice avoided trial by being accepted into an intervention program. He is a first-time offender, which may have led the NFL to opt for the minor punishment.

Former New Rochelle high school football coach Lou Dirienzo responded to criticism of Rice’s light penalty.    

“All the people who have outside opinions should call Mr. Palmer, because he's a real man and every man is going to protect his daughter. He stood by Ray knowing they made a young, foolish mistake.”

Rice is able to participate in the Ravens’ summer camp. His suspension begins Aug. 30. He will be able for reinstatement on Sept. 12.