POMONA - A Rockland County school district is using a state grant to extend a middle school's day by two hours.

Students at the Pomona Middle School will go to school for eight hours every day beginning this fall.

The East Ramapo School District applied for a $2.6 million state grant for the extended school day program last fall.

While the state approved the grant in January, some parents claim they are just learning about the plan now. Cassandra Edwards, co-president of the Pomona Middle School PTA, says she is not upset with a longer school day, but is mad that parents have not been given enough time to prepare for their children coming home later in the day. "It's not what you do, it's how you do it. If they have the best interest of our children, why is everything such a secret?" asks Edwards.

School district officials say they won’t talk about the extended day program publicly until they hold a news conference next week.